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This curriculum was created by members of Alianza Coachella Valley as an educational tool for building the youth environmental justice movement. Alianza is a coalition of organizations who work on different aspects of environmental justice. Our mission is to transform the socio-economic conditions of the Coachella Valley so that people in all communities have opportunities to prosper. We envision one vibrant, healthy, and thriving Coachella Valley where people have a seat at the table for decisions that affect their daily lives. Members are working together to achieve social, racial and environmental justice, respect for community rights, and sustainable living. This curriculum is broken down into three modules.

  • The first module will serve as a general introduction to Environmental Justice definitions and issues in the rural landscape. We will focus in on the Salton Sea and allow participants to document the decline of the sea edge and the exposure of playa over time. Students will learn to use geographic information systems (GIS) data on maps for advocacy around the Salton Sea.
  • The second module will directly address poor air quality in the Eastern Coachella Valley: ways of measuring Air Quality (AQ), components that are measured and the health impacts of these. Students will learn how to understand how to read current AQ measures, how to collect AQ data on their own and how to develop a system for community AQ information. All of this will lead to a broader ability to advocate for regulatory sensors and mitigation measures.
  • The third module brings participants into the drinking water world. Participants will test water and learn about Water Quality and some common contaminants, problems and methods for purifying drinking water.

This series of lessons is designed to give students hands-on skills and knowledge for creating tools for advocacy around the Salton Sea and the poor air quality of the Eastern Coachella Valley. However, these skills can be used in other educational and advocacy situations.

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