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Air Sensors Measuring Air Pollution


There are several types of air pollution sensors, measuring different components of the air. The usual components are ozone, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrous oxide. Air quality sensors enable accurate real-time measure of common outdoor air pollutants. Portable air sensors are useful to check pollution “hotspots”, personal exposure monitoring, monitoring of networks at different times of the day.

Learning Outcome

When you complete this lesson, you should be able to:

• Create an advocacy message using sensors to gather data on air pollution;

• Understand the issues of particulate matter and what affects levels of pollution measured by the sensors;

• Build confidence to use air sensor data to advocate for the community.


• Air Sensors

• Maps

• Clipboards

• Phones

• Computer with Wi-Fi

• Bikes


Planning the Route

• Separate participants in small groups and define how each group will transport the sensor.

• Each group define the route that will walk/bike and draw on a piece of paper. Plan ahead the time groups should be back from the walk/bike to discuss results.

How to Use the Air Sensor and App

• Within each group, define who will do each role when collecting data. One will be holding the sensor, another one the phone, one takes the map and record any occurrences that are interesting to note. Another person may still take pictures of potential locations for bad source of air pollution.

• Each group creates a name for the team, so it can be recorded on the mobile app route and downloaded for further visualization.

• Each group will sync the sensor to the phone and practice on how to monitor and fix for any issues during the walk/ride.


Download the measures collected with the air sensor on your computer.

Upload to the website


1. What can you do to improve air quality in your community?

2. What are some sources of air pollution in your community that affects air quality?

3. What would you add to the map you used that would help you collect better data?

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